Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A 13-Page Spread in "The Light" Magazine

I got the email today that the on-line magazine that interviewed me last month (The Light) has been published. I was surprised to see my photo on the cover as well as a 13-page spread inside the magazine. Pretty exciting.

I was going to provide the link to the magazine, but to view the magazine, you have to create a log-in account with them, and then download the PDF file. So, instead, I have downloaded the file already, and put it on my public i-disk for you to download. The article is written in Indonesian, so most of you probably won't understand, but you can at least view the photos in the layout.

You can download the file (about 10mb) here.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Very well done... I bet you are buzzing at this.

Lets hope more reconition comes your way.

quintarantino said...

Very well done, Scotty. You deserve it. You are a great photographer. I will download it.