Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Busy Again

Ok, the trip is over, and now it is time to get back to work...Yuck!!
Softball has started, so it is the time of year when I will have two night games per week, and practice every day.

I am still trying to catch up with my sleep. We didn't arrive back in Jakarta until after midnight on Sunday, and I am still paying for that.


quintarantino said...

Scott my man one must keep in shape or else ... belly starts getting round and round.
By the way, I downloaded the magazine where they published your photos. I think it's a great work there and guess it was really important for you. Congratulations.

Sonia said...

Great photo! It's a mud nest on the top?

What is the name of the magazine with your photos? I would like to make the download too.

Lawstude said...

Amazing pic.I am beginning to enjoy this blog more. I will also be headin to Thailang in the weekend but I'll just be going to bangkok. Have a nice day scotty.

Scotty Graham said...

Hi Sonia,

That thing on top of the tree is a bees' nest. Our guide told us it was killers bees...and if you were to be stung by them, you could die....scary. Don't know if it was true or not, but we stayed away.

The link to the magazine is on that particular blog entry....check my entries in January....or I will email you the link.