Monday, February 25, 2008

Stuck in Customs

For over a year now, I have been visiting a blog called Stuck in Customs.
It is authored by Trey Ratcliff, who I believe is the KING of HDR photography. He has a huge following, his photography is really good, and he is as well traveled as I am (if not more so).

Anyway... recently on his blog, he announced a new tutorial he had written about using textures to enhance one's photography, and after reading his tutorial on HDR (click on the link to his site above), I was eager to watch his new video tutorial on using textures. However, the tutorial was bundled along with a hundred custom made textures he had collected over the years, and it was quite pricy. Since I have my own textures, I was really only interested in his tutorial, so I left a comment in his blog asking if it were possible to get ONLY the tutorial. He emailed me the very next day saying that he will have the tutorial as a separate download for me.

Trey is one class act, and his tutorials are outstanding. If you are at all interested in HDR photography or honing your skills as a photographer, I highly recommend his site, and his tutorials. I am now tempted to get his textures as well.

Trey, if you are reading this, thanks very much!!

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