Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hangin' At The Pool

We spent most of the day yesterday in the car driving to Ubud in the rain...we had to run an errand for Mom and Dad...that mission was accomplished.

While in Ubud, I searched for the restaurant, "Nuris" which Tom had recommended to us saying they had great pork ribs...well, we couldn't find it, so we stopped to eat at Murni's. While eating, I told Tika that on our way out of Ubud, we would probably find Nuri's. Sure enough, just down the road from Murni's on the way out of Ubud, I spotted Nuri's....too late...I had a full stomach...I was tempted to just have a second lunch, but it was not to Nuri's will have to wait until the next trip...

We did not want another day in the car, so today we just hung around the pool and got sunburned...

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Misty Dawn said...

You photos are absolutely amazing and inspiring!

Do you mind if I ask what camera you use?

Your photos are what photography is all about!