Monday, May 24, 2010

Crane Operator

Got this in a little late tonight...

I went with a buddy of mine to North Jakarta to see a photo exhibition...really good!!

The only thing wrong with going North is the trip back home. I got stuck in traffic, and it took me over three hours to get home tonight. Don't come to Jakarta if you don't like traffic...arrrrrgh!!

Any way, onto today's photo...taken in Jakarta...I just liked the guy's smile ear to ear...wonder what he is laughing about...ya think he likes his job?


Carolyn Ford said...

...and he wears flip flops! It seems he would need work boots for a job like this. I am sure he likes his job "in the moment" anyway. This is such a great photo. How this guy would admire your work if he could see it.

Raymonde said...

Love this photo, it reminded me of home (La RĂ©union), where people wear their flip-flops in the oddest of situation.

Great capture of a moment.

Johnny said...

Muy buena¡¡¡