Monday, May 31, 2010

Writing a Letter in Aceh

This is another photo from a few years ago. I was sent to Aceh soon after the terrible tsunami hit to take photos of kids for a book called, "Letters From Aceh". I delivered letters from kids in Jakarta, and gave them to the kids in Aceh to read. They then wrote letters back to the kids in Jakarta describing their horror stories from the Tsunami. It was an amazing experience for me, and I was so impressed by these kids and the ordeal they went through. Most every kid I met had lost a family member and sometimes their entire families...yet, they maintained their dignity and composure so well...totally different from the West where people complain and blame...good lessons could be learned from these kids.

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Carolyn Ford said...

I really like this photo a lot. It truly shows focus and determination on the faces of babes. I do hope they are doing well today and have begun to pick up the pieces of their emotional lives. The black and white brings out such a strong feeling tone and I love the fish-eye wide somehow pulls those kids together with a common cause.