Friday, August 20, 2010

The Old Wooden Boats Loom

Walking around these boats really takes you back in time. This is the old port of Sunda Kelapa, and is the location of our photo walk this Sunday. I will have over 60 people joining me early Sunday morning to walk around this area and the village next to the port. Always great photo opportunities around this area.


Chris Romero said...

Hi scotty,
First congratulate you for the new proyect...all the best.
After thinking if it would be a good idea to drop a little critic on today´s picture, as a non photographer and very little knowledge of PS & LR I would say two things I don´t like :
the dramatism of the sky (too much) and the transition between sky and main boat( a little blurry). otherwise beautiful fore line of all those old wooden boats. Love the picture!!
p.s. forgive my audacity

Country Girl said...

Wow. Could this photo be any more gorgeous? I think not.

Scotty Graham said...

Chris...critical analysis is ALWAYS good...thanks for the comment. Often it takes a second eye to see things I don't see...Both things can easily be corrected as both the dramatic sky and soft clouds were "created" in post process...I'll make another version, and post it...and then see what you think.



Sweet Designs said...

I haven't been around for a while, I am busy doing a small renovation, so time has been limited for me, but I am enjoying catching up on what I have missed here.

Congrats on your new venture too, I think you will have no problem being a success in your plans in furthering your business. I love your work, I could only hope to achieve what you have done in your work.

I liked your processing of this shot. It lends a feeling of a dreamy but yet dramatic effect of your capture of those old but beautiful boats. That is the great thing about art, it is interperted in many ways to what may be pleasing to one, another may see something different, but yet still enjoy the same picture but with different eyes.

Anonymous said...

have fun on the photo walk.