Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Tornado Of Fish

Sorry for the late posting...I am having big internet problems again at home...I now have no internet in my home office, and have to connect via the phone plug downstairs in our living room...a real pain!!

The trip to Papua was outstanding, but I was not really happy with my photos I took underwater...I took over a thousand photos, and I am happy with maybe 8 of those. I usually get a bigger percentage of keepers, but I was using new strobes, and a different lens than I am used to using, and I think that threw me off...most of the photos I took are not properly lit, and many were fuzzy...but, I am happy that I got a least a few keepers. It reminds me of the film days when I was lucky to get one keeper (if that) per roll of film...often, entire rolls of film would be total trash...

So this photo below was from a site called, "Blue Magic"...I don't think I have ever seen so many fish in one dive...there were perhaps 10 different schools of fish all swimming together at one point...there were so many fish, it was dark underwater...an unreal dive!!


Anonymous said...

That's amazing! Beautiful!

How are you & your family after the earthquakes, tsunamis, & volcanoes happening over there? Hope all is well

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos.


Carolyn Ford said...

SO appropriately titled! This is surely amazing!