Monday, October 18, 2010

Africa Archive Number One

I am sitting on a very remote island in the center of Raja Ampat in Papua. Believe it or not, there is an internet connection here. I will be diving here for the next 5 days or so...trying to get some good underwater shots. I had three great dives today, but my camera was not working on the third far, I have not taken any shots that say, "wow"...but hopefully, that will change in the next couple of days!
So, since I don't have any editing capabilities out here, I brought with me some of my old shots from Africa that I will share this week. This is the first from the archives. I remember this day well, as it was one of my favorite days on my trip. My buddy and I waited till late afternoon to get on a float plane that took off on the river that leads to Victoria Falls. We then made a few passes over the falls, and then landed back on the was amazing!!

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