Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gators Are National Champions

The Gators did it....and not "just", but totally demolished Ohio State. I love it.

We were all sitting around the pool very upset that the game was not on TV out here. Then a friend of Butch said that the game was on TV at a sports bar in Kuta. We called them first, and they said the game was on. We rushed over to the bar, but when we got there, the game was NOT on, and the guy looked at us like we were from Mars when we asked him why he told us on the phone that the game was on and it wasn't. So, I called my good friend, Tom Beams, who was in Jakarta. He was watching the game at the American Club via the Armed Forces Network. He was able to message me on the phone after every score. I couldn't be a more happy Gator fan, and can't wait to see my Big 10 fans when we get back to school. They were all convinced that Florida did not belong in the championship game...the Gators stole the number 2 spot from Michigan (who got slam dunked as well)...the Gators had a weak schedule....the SEC all play weak teams...the Big 10 was the best....blah blah blah....well the proof is now on the table....I can't wait to see their faces....ha ha ha....

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