Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Friday Baby

We all work hard, and then play hard. The first week back has been work, but I escaped right after school today for nine holes of golf with six other guys....and I played well, too (that is always nice)...then went to the Headmaster's house for a school party where everyone talked about their vacation, and blah blah blah....

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow (Kyle Chamberlain), and a get-together with friends on Sunday, and I am hosting the EPL Fantasy Soccer guys at the house on Saturday night. Tika is going to make her famous steak, "They are the BEST, Jerry, THE BEST" (phrase from Seinfeld). So busy weekend for the Grahams....we will try to also fit in a movie somewhere in there.

I have updated my underwater gallery on if you want to check it out. Also check out the gallery, "Images from Everywhere"....I have updated that one as well.

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