Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Ok, Dad had a blog entry for Mom's birthday a day early, so I had to balance things out and make an entry a day after Mom's birthday. Let me make it clear though...I did NOT forget Mom's birthday. Dad had sent an email reminding me and I had every intention of writing a blog entry last night so that it would be on the site the morning of Mom's birthday. However, you must remember that I live in Indonesia. Last night, my internet connection was on and off....mostly off. I waited until 11:00 at night to post my entry, but it wouldn't go, I thought, well, I will do it first thing in the morning at school (It would still be the evening of the 16th). I got to school nice and early and then remembered I had a CSC meeting....ok, after the meeting....the meeting ran late, and then I had three classes in a row to make a long story short, after our meeting with our architect and builder tonight, this is my first chance to get to the computer all, sorry I am a bit late, Mom.... BUT, Happy Birthday!

The meeting with the builder went well tonight, although very late. Our price has come down considerably, and we are almost ready to sign a contract. We are still over budget, but it is getting close enough to make a deal. We will wait for one more revision of the costs (being emailed tomorrow), and then if Burhan (our architect) agrees, we will sign the contract, and then begin building within 10 days or so.

I am dead tired, so I am headed to bed....I hope you had a great dinner out last night, Mom. Happy Birthday once again.

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