Saturday, June 30, 2007

Florida Gators Rock

Well, our week at Disney has come to an end. After spending thousands of dollars we don't have, we packed up Dad's car, and set off for Virginia. Since Gainesville is only a couple of hours north of Orlando, I asked Dad if we could stop off for an hour or so to visit my old haunts at the University of Florida. I am a 1985 graduate, and probably the biggest Gator fan in Indonesia. It was a blast visiting the campus again. I had not been back to UF since 1990, so it has been some time. We visited the Gator store where I dropped a couple of hundred bucks buying T-shirts and other Gator stuff. My girls are now Gator fans, and are sporting the correct colors and clothing. Good for them!! GO GATORS!!

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Lauren said...

Haha, go gators! Excuse the random enthusiasm I just got the gator fight song as my voicemail greeting: