Monday, June 18, 2007

House Check

We went to check on the house today, and to clear up a few matters. The biggest change was that they finally removed all the bamboo under our entrance. You can now see the fish ponds that will surround the front walkway to our entrance. Looking pretty cool. The fish pond will actually go under the house on the right side, and end in the small bathroom at the front of the that bathroom, it will be open to the sky with a small garden and the fish pond...that area will be glassed in.....hard to explain, but it will be way cool.

They are also putting up some steel beams for the roof over the main living area. The rest of the roof will be built when we return from the states.

I played golf up at Sentul today with Tom, Esti and Will. I played really badly. Except for a couple of really good drives, I couldn't do anything right. Dad, I will try to get better before playing with you....I don't want to be an embarassment.....

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