Friday, June 15, 2007

The Most Remote Golf Course in the World

The kids all flew back to Jakarta on Thursday, and I stayed an extra day to get some more photos, and to also play golf on probably the most remote golf course ever built.

It was incredible. The course was literally carved out of the rain forest. As you are playing, there are hundred foot trees lining the fairways with Birds of Paradise, Horn Bills, Parrots and Cockatoos flying overhead. It is unreal. The course was very wet as it rains every day, but the fairways and greens were outstanding.

I played with Bill Harris (pictured above) who is the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Freeport. He is also the guy who arranged our trip for us. His son played on my softball team and was also a student in my Pre-Calculus class.

After our round of golf, Bill arranged for me to fly back in his executive jet with him to Jakarta. talk about was first class all the way....we were driven to the door of the jet, and then took off less than five minutes after boarding. The food was outstanding, and we flew directly to Jakarta with no, what luxury. No ticketing, no baggage claim, no lines. What a treat. Thanks again, Bill, for such a great trip!!

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