Saturday, June 09, 2007

School is Out and Fountain is IN

We had to go into work today for a half day. Actually, that was a good thing as I hadn't cleaned out my classroom yet, or gone through all my computer files to make sure all was in order. So I did that today. Then the entire faculty met in the fine arts theater, and we said all our good-byes to the teachers leaving JIS....a couple of teachers leaving had been her for over 20 years.

Burhan, our architect, met Tika and I at the house today as well to go over a few things. We had some questions concerning the kitchen, the terrace, the pool, our bathroom, and the upstairs terrace. All is clear now. They also poured the cement for our fountain/waterfall that will be behind the terrace (it is pictured above)...that will be a nice addition to the house. I love the sound of water, and now we will be able to hear it with the fountain. The other addition we are doing is an upstairs balcony that will overlook the covered terrace. Before, there were just windows that opened to the terrace, you will be able to walk out onto a small balcony that will overlook the terrace and lap pool below....this house is going to be so all will have to make a trip out to Indonesia to have a look when it is finished.

I am off to Papua on Monday morning for a tour of the Freeport gold/copper mine. I will be there for four days as the official be expecting some cool photos when I return.

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