Saturday, November 17, 2007

House Update

Finally, got the time to go out to the building site. We decided on a couple of colors for the main room, Kayla's bedroom (pink, of course)...and, that's it. We think it is better that we just work on one room at a time, see the colors, and then we can make better decisions on other colors once some colors are already painted. Anyway, for the main room, we are going with kind of an orange theme, mixed with some brick red...some neutrals as well. Hard to explain. Once the paint is up, I will take some photos and show you.

The photo below is the view from the gazebo. We are thinking the outside of the house will be a kind of grey/green mixed with a dark red (the edges of the little balconies). The ceramic pool tiles have been ordered, and they will start tiling the pool next week, I hope.

This is our front walk-way. Not sure what color this will be, but it will have to blend well with the rock walls. The fish ponds will have Bali Candi stone ( a black volcanic stone) on the top edges as well as the steps leading to a small sitting area.

Some guys taking a nap on the floor they are installing in the main room...

And my favorite room of the office (lots of windows). You can see they are preparing the floors for the installation of wood floors.

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Anonymous said...

Oh ! You will get a plenty of beautiful room!
You have get a big family to fill it :))
I am very curious to see your house as ready.
We have here very small houses, I think it`s many times a matter of heating during winters.
We lived about 30 years ago in Scotland one year and after that I was enormous happy to get back to Finland and to the warm house !