Friday, November 16, 2007

Kayla and Mariska

As you know, Kayla loves to dress as a princess. We went to a wedding last weekend, and this is the new "Princess dress" she wanted to wear to the wedding. Of course, she will always be our little princess no matter what she wears...

Last night, Pondok Elementary School had their "Spaghetti Dinner Talent Show". It was very long for us adults, but the kids just love it. Kayla and Mariska sat together to watch the show clapping their hands, dancing, singing and laughing. Mariska is almost a year younger than Kayla, but they almost look like sisters. They really feed off of eachother. It was more of a show watching the two of them then it was watching the talent show.

My poker game the other night was fun, but I lost. I had the kind of cards that were good enough to stay in the game, but not good enough to win. It was just one of those kind of nights. However, the real reason for playing is to have a night out with the guys. We always have a good laugh, and the host provides dinner which has become a competition of who can make the best grub. We have had things like legs of lamb, turkey dinners, Mexican night, steak sandwiches, you name it. Dave did not disappoint us. We had a great Italian meal. So, even though I lost, it was worth the cost for a great night out with the guys.

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Mia said...

You have a lovely daugther. Her smile is beautiful.
I wish be there to fraternize, and play with those pretty girls.
Best regards to all of you