Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Travel These Days

This photo illustrates what has happened to us travelers in the past few years. We have our faces buried in the view screen of our digital cameras. I am not saying it is a bad thing, and I am certainly guilty of the same thing, but how different it is these days compared to the days when we traveled with film cameras.

Yesterday, I got a couple of comments on my blog from two guys in Portugal, and a girl from Finland. Amazing how the internet has allowed people from all over the world to connect. I promised I would mention their blogs on this blog since they mentioned mine on theirs...so, check them out here... Joshua and Leena and Quintarantino
Thanks to them for visiting my blog.


inspired said...

wow some X-LeNT photos you have here :o]

Daniel J Santos said...

another beautiful photo.

Leena said...

Thanks to you for mentioning me and two of my virtual friends! I think, you don`t get out of us now very easily :)
Have a good day with your lovely wife and daughter!

quintarantino said...

Scotty, my good friend. When someone finds something so amazing as your blog I guess the least we can make is to tell other folks about it.
By the way, Inspired his also a friend... I guess you will have more visits from other folks...
An amazing photo today.
By the way, if you want visit us on UNITEDPHOTOS.BLOGSPOT.COM

Scotty Graham said...

Hi Daniel, Leena, Quintarantino, and "inspired"...

thanks again for your visit, and your comments.

I guess the pressure is on now...I can usually slack off and skip a few days from posting, but now that you are regular visitors, I will have to make sure I have a good photo and something to say everyday. I will do my best.



Sonia said...

WOW! What a wonderful blog! LOVE your stunning photos! Well done!
Quint sent me here and I am glad he did!

Best regards from Sonia, São Paulo, Brazil.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Hello Scotty
womtig from 'Wiggers World'here .. I have followd Quitarantino and other to your stunning blog.
I have really enjoyed viewing your work, and look forward to more.

quintarantino said...

See Scotty, my man, got you another customer.
Just between us, my real name is Quintino but some call me Quint, Quintarantino, Quinn... so don´t bother...
And by the way, just keep on with your rythm.

Carol said...

Hi! I'm Quin's sister.
He told me about your blog and so here I am!
As usual, he was absolutely right! You have stunning photos and it will be a pleasure to visit you often.
I bet we'll all be back!

Mia said...

Hi! I'm Quint's friend
He told me, and everybody, about your blog.
I adore your stunning photos!
You daugther is so beautiful, and also your wife.
I will be back