Thursday, April 10, 2008

IASAS Softball Tournament Update

We had a great opening game against TAS (Taipei American School).
We easily won the game 21-4.

At around 4:00, the skies in Jakarta got almost black. We knew there would be a big rain, but the storm that hit today was probably the most severe I have ever seen in the last 10 years!! It was unreal. The wind was blowing at hurricane strength and blew the large tents that we had set up around the fields all over the place. We were lucky no-one was hurt. Then the rain came down like I have never seen rain come down. It was like God had a huge bucket and just dumped it all at

So, our second game against ISB (International School of Bangkok) was delayed about 3 hours. The fields finally dried to the point where they were usable. We lost the game 12-8, but played very well. Bangkok just played better, but it was a great game.

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