Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Helix Bridge in Singapore

I couldn't resist just one more photo from the Marina Sands area of Singapore. I wanted to get as much of the bridge in as I could, but the Hotel needed to be in the photo too.

There were two other guys on the little platform that extends from the bridge with their tripods set up and their big cameras ready for a shot. I set up my tripod between them with my little Leica, and they kind of looked at me wondering why I was using such a "retro" camera. I get that reaction quite a bit from people who don't know Leica....funny....little do they know what a little power house I have on my tripod at half the size of their huge DSLR's....I fired off my five exposures, folded up my tripod, and I was off to the next shot...


nino9 said...

> "retro" camera

which may cost how many times of their DSLRs

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