Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where The Trash Pickers Live

Everything they own comes from the trash dump. The houses they live in are built out of thrown-away plywood and other boards, their baskets for collecting plastic comes from the trash, and the seats they sit in are also from discarded persons garbage is another's treasure.

Just read on the internet how to make those sliders that show the "before and after" versions of a photo...I will have to give that a try next week...

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Anonymous said...

I often look at the people like these in the countries i visited and the question gets asked - why is it some countries the people have several houses, then you got others that are just poor and have to resort to their people living of others rubbish. I then think - i wonder if their situaton is caused economically or that's just the way it is , some how i think not , but the name 'John Perkins' keeps being said in my mind.