Monday, April 09, 2012

Internet At Home

I have not had internet at home since my catastrophic failure of my Drobo...that is more than a year without internet at home. This weekend, FINALLY, the ISP I wanted installed has been installed. If you have ever gone without internet at home, you will understand how great it is to have it...I certainly appreciate it much more. It was also more of a challenge to keep this blog up to date with no internet at home..I had to make all my updates at work, and often there was no time to do that...I can now make my posts at home, so I should have much less of those days where I can't find the time to make a post.

Below, is one of those "forgotten" photographs from my last trip to China...I remember processing it, but I don't think I posted it to this here ya go...


ros@dimaggio63 said...

Hi Scotty, come sempre le tue foto sono grandiose.
Mi piacciono questi colori !!

Randi said...

Magical & Beauty! Love this.