Friday, July 20, 2007


I must say that I was very impressed with Boston. Maybe it was the weather, but we had a terrific day.

It didn't start off too well, however. I didn't really know where to stay, and I had heard and been told that parking in the city was near impossible. The advice given was to get a hotel outside of the city, and then take the commuter train into the city. So, I booked a hotel near Salem which ended up being too far from the city (about 30 miles). We found the commuter train, but had to wait in a pretty ugly train stop for about an hour waiting for the train. Tika was not impressed.

When the train arrived, it took us to the North Station which was about a block away from Faneuil Hall Marketplace where we spent most of the day. The weather was another beautiful Northeastern day....just perfect. I couldn't take enough photos of the city buildings with the wild cloud formations in the sky (see above).

I had called our friend Chris McCarthy to see if he could show us around his hometown, but he was out of town in New Hampshire visiting his parents....too bad we couldn't hook up. Chris, we loved Boston.

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