Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Yankee Stadium

Yes, the title is correct!! Yankee Stadium.....finally, I get to see the Yankees live. First time ever for me, and it was at Yankee Stadium!! Not only did we see the Yankees, but it was a great game as well.....

The plan was pretty firm. We would leave Aunt Judy's no later than 9:30. We were up in time, had breakfast, and were out of the house pretty much on time. The problem was, I had to get gas and cash. That took some time, and to make matters worse, I had to go back to Aunt Judy's twice for forgotten items. First, I forgot to drop off the CD of photos for the Fuqua family. Then, I had to go back to pick up our airline tickets that I left on the kitchen counter. Good thing Mom lent me her cell phone, or we would have been in pretty bad moods when arriving in New York with no tickets.

Anyway, we were on the highway at 11:00......way late. We didn't arrive in Stamford, Conn. until about 5:00 in the afternoon (we had an hour lunch....another long story). We arrived too late to do any of our plans in the city. However, while listening to the radio on the way up to NY, I heard that the Yankees would be in town playing a night game. A great idea popped into my head....why not go see the Yankees?? What better NY experience than that??

When we arrived at the hotel, I asked the desk clerk if he thought it possible to get tickets at such the last minute. He thought we were crazy.....but I insisted on going. So I dialed in "Yankee Stadium" in the navigation system of the rental car, and we were off to the Bronx. The game started at 7:00. We left the hotel at 6:30. We arrived at the stadium at about 7:30, paid 20 dollars to park, and then walked to the ticket booth. The cheapest tickets available were 88 dollars. What is a guy to do?? A once-in-a-lifetime event for me....without hesitation, and with a grimaced face on Tika, I handed over the credit card.

The game was tied at 1 when we arrived at our seats....it was the top of the third inning. Two drunks were sitting in our seats, and the people sitting in front of us were relieved that we took their places. I had a grin two feet long pasted on my face as we sat only 20 rows back left of home plate. Awesome seats (they should be for 88 bucks each)!!

We thought the Yanks were going to lose, but in the 10th inning, they got a couple of guys on base, and a base hit won the game. It was VERY cool to be there.
I didn't come very prepared in way of camera equipment to the game. I only brought my 18-70mm lens, not enough to get any good shots. The photo above is terribly out-of-focus, but it was the best I could do with the equipment I had....the photo is of A-rod. That is how close we were to the plate.....not bad seats, heh?

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