Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Another Photo Day

Well, it was a typical summer vacation day.....slept-in until 9:00, took a shower, and turned on the TV. There was an old Yankee game on TV (from a couple of days ago), so I watched the Yanks lose to Baltimore 4-2, and saw Barry Bonds hit his 754th homerun. The game was over at about 11:00. Tika made me a delicious steak sandwich, and I moved from the couch to my computer with my big bowl of fruit.

I then spent most of the day working on my galleries on pbase.com. These are the banners that I made above. I am pretty happy with them. You can see the real deal by clicking "my pbase galleries" link to the right, and then go to the appropriate gallery. I have new gallery called, "window of light" which features some of my favorite photos. I wanted to experiment with a different format.

I also bought a ticket to Singapore. I will be leaving on Thursday, and I will have a colonoscopy done on Friday, and then return to Jakarta on Saturday. Yuck.

Not much else new.....later.

oh, by the way, if you click on any photo above, you can see a larger version...

1 comment:

Butch Koltai said...

Great photos! Nice job on the banners. I would tell you which one is my favorite but I like them all.