Wednesday, August 01, 2007

House and Diet Update

This is the front entranceway. The guy is sealing the fish ponds. Those steel beams are sitting on what will be a small balinese gazebo. We decided today to use large stones to cover the outside of the house.
On the left is Burhan, our architect, and the guy on the right is Tony, one of our main construction guys. Burhan came to the house today to make changes to our master bathroom, and to answer some questions the builders had.

So, update on the house....we are going to re-design our bathroom. We didn't like the original plans that had a smallish bathroom, a glass wall, and a garden. Instead, we want to utilize the entire space and make a somewhat outdoor bathroom. Instead of buying a traditional bath tub, we are going to have one made for us.....a huge Jacuzzi type. We will have two sinks, and an outdoor shower....all will be incorporated with a nice garden. It should be much better, and actually cheaper than we originally planned (I think).

My diet is going well. I have not slipped once. I have completely cut out all cookies, candies, chocolate, cakes, Kryspy Kreme Donuts, ice cream, sodas, pasta, rice, and potatoes from my diet. So far, so good....but sure crave one of the above every once in a while. Tika says I look skinnier, but I still feel fat.....I will keep it up until I get down to 165 pounds....I am at around 175 that is 10 pounds. As promised to Dad, I will give you a weekly update.

I am off to Singapore tomorrow morning for my colonoskopy on Friday. I don't mind the procedure itself, but I sure hate the prep. I get nauseous just thinking about that terrible stuff you have to drink.....yuck.

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