Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ibu Returns to Solo on Friday

Above is Ibu (Ibu means "mom" in Indonesian), Tika, Sri (Tika's niece) and Kayla

Above is a view of our house from the backyard. The big open window is our masterbedroom. Above the master bedroom is my office, and to the left of the bedroom is our outdoor part of the master bathroom.

Ibu leaves on Friday, and she wanted to go out to the house today and sit by her favorite tree one last time before going home. She is always a real pleasure to have around the house, and we will miss her when she goes home. Tika will fly with her home, and then fly back on Saturday.

Today was my last day of work without students. Tomorrow the real deal starts. There will be an opening assembly, and then I will teach two classes. I am all prepared for the onslaught of students, and look forward to meeting them all....that is always fun.

The big news is that Kayla starts tomorrow as well. I will let you know more about that in tomorrow's blog entry....

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