Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leaving For Bromo

It was a last minute decision. Three days off....what to do. I really didn't want to stick around Jakarta for Indonesia's Independence Day, so we decided to head to Mount Bromo, which is an active volcano about 3 hours from Surabaya. Scott Chamberlain has taken middle school kids there the past 5 years, so I met with him, and he set up some plans with his contact, Edy, in Surabaya.

The trip started out with Tika furious with the airline. When we arrived at the airport, the plane was delayed a couple of hours. We got in line to check-in, and the woman at the counter, after maybe 15 minutes of waiting, waved us to the other counter. So, we moved to the other counter. After 20 minutes of more waiting, we got to the front. The guy then told us we couldn't check-in there because we had baggage. I thought Tika was going to hit the guy. Then, when finally boarding, an announcement was made that there would be no seat assignments as something happened with the computer. So, it was a mad rush for good seats. We were last on board, and had to sit in the very back row next to the bathroom (our original seats said row 3).

All was good when we landed in Surabaya, and dropped off at our beautiful hotel (pictured above).

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