Sunday, August 05, 2007

Last Weekend of Vacation

Mariska, one of Kayla's best friends, came over for a visit today. They had a blast running around the neighborhood and making a mess in the house.

Today was our last day of vacation. School starts tomorrow. Yuck. I played golf today....or should I say I "tried" to play golf today. I did not play well, but I still won some money due to my partner, Dave Tarcy, who was on fire.

The medical in Singapore went well. I still have a diseased colon, but there was no sign of dysplacia (pre-cancerous cells). I was given a different medicine (a steroid) to bring down the swelling, and I still have to take my old medicine as well. I am very relieved though to know that I am good for at least another year with my colon problems....

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