Tuesday, August 28, 2007

August House Update

Lately, the house doesn't look very different other than just a few things. They have been working on smoothing out the cement on the walls throughout the house. You can see that in the photo below. The roof material is supposed to arrive the next couple of days, so the roof will be going up soon. That will dramatically change the look of the house.

Tika's brother-in-law came up from Joja to take measurements for our windows and doors. He is in the wood business, so will be buying all of our wood and assembling the windows and doors. We are happy he is able to help us out.

The front of the house continues to be worked on. There will be very large windows placed in those large gaps you see with the bamboo.

The front entranceway is also being smoothed out along with the fish ponds. We haven't really decided yet what to do with the cement area to the right. We are thinking a simple gazebo, or maybe just a table with an umbrella.

Financially, we are doing just "ok"....we are over budget already due to some changes we made, and since we decided on ceramic tiles for the pool instead of the green rock that was originally planned (ugly), it will cost us almost 4 times the price of the green rock. That will hurt, but in the long run, it will be much nicer with the ceramic tile. They will start installing that maybe next month. It is really starting to look like a house now, and will be even better once the roof goes on.

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