Monday, July 30, 2007

Only a Week Left of Vacation

Not a bad day as far as productivity is concerned...

I was able to get to the embassy to pick up my mail which is always a threat to my insanity. Driving in Jakarta can really test your ability to not jump out of your car and strangle people. I made it up and back with maybe only 5 cuss words spoken....not bad.

Tika's sister left today with Tasha. Luckily, I was not there to see the tears...although Tika said she didn't cry. However, I heard that Tasha wasn't so lucky....Kayla was asleep, and we weren't sure how she would react when finding out Tasha wasn't here to play. She seems to be ok as she had fun playing with the Styrofoam from the packages (that's her in the photo above playing). It was great having Tika's sister and Tasha around. Tika's Mom is still here, and will stay a bit longer.

The wood situation in the house has complicated more. My deal in Papua fell through as I could not get the paper work to show it was legal wood. Can't do, we have passed our needs off to my brother-in-law in central java who will look into getting a good deal for us. We are going to use teak for all the windows and doors, and a wood called, Sono for our floors. The Sono has lots of beautiful grain, but is a very dark wood. We figure with all our windows and light, it will be ok to have dark is a harder wood than teak, and cheaper...the latter I like.

New from home has Mom and Dad with a new car. Check my Dad's blog out by clicking on the link to the right, and you can see a photo of his new car. They seem very does sound like a very cool car.

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