Sunday, July 15, 2007

Road Trip Starts Tomorrow

Well, all good things must come to an end. This is our last day with Grand Dad and Mei Mei. It is always sad to leave, but we will always have our next meeting to look forward to. Hopefully, the next time we see my parents will be back in Jakarta when our house is finished.....we shall see.

We had a wonderful time staying in Virginia Beach....maximum golf and shopping occurred, we watched HD TV on a 61 inch TV, swam daily in Mom and Dad's new pool, took walks along the golf course at sunset, had great dinner BBQ's out on the deck, had Kayla Baptised, and of course, we had a week with family at Disney World. It has been a great summer and great visit. Thank you Mom and Dad for such a great visit!!!

I won't be making any more blog entries until we return to Jakarta as I won't have access to a computer on our road trip. We will be traveling to Aunt Judy's tomorrow in Northern Virginia, and then NY City on Tuesday, Mystic Connecticut on Wednesday, NewPort Rhode Island on Thursday, and Boston on Friday. We will then drive back to NY City on Saturday to catch our flight back to Jakarta Saturday night.....see ya later.....

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