Monday, March 07, 2011

Chiang Mai Car Wash

My Drobo is still in limbo...I may have to wait until my next vacation to bring it to Singapore to have it hopefully fixed. In the meantime, I found this folder of photos I took in Chiang Mai, Thailand a few years of the few folders of photos that I just happened to save on a different, I thought this week, I will feature some of the photos from that trip...

There are no cars up in this far Northern part of least not in this village. The mode of transport is the Elephant. Every day, after a tough day of work in the fields, they get a relaxing bath in the river...

On another note, a good friend sent me THIS LINK of some fantastic photos taken by photographer, Timothy Allen when he accompanied film crews for the BBC series, Human Planet. Do yourself a favor and check out the video of photos...very inspirational. Sure wish I could take a year and a half off of work to follow some film crews around the world...a dream job, heh??


Anonymous said...

Dear Scotty,

Thanks for the link (and the one before, too, on the lava lake expedition).

I am sorry to hear about the lack of progress concerning the salvage operation.

Let me know when I can un-cross my fingers. It would make life far easier on the keyboard.



Kay L. Davies said...

This looks like a seriously happy elephant.
I sure hope someone in Singapore can help you get your photos back.
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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