Saturday, December 16, 2006

Early Christmas Present

Dad gave me permission. I had a golf game up at Rancamaya, so just had to bring my new club with me. I let Kayla have the honors of opening my present. She was as shocked as I was to see a new hybrid club from, so THAT'S what was in the box...I had no idea.

Well, Rancamaya was awesome. It is up in the mountains set in the most beautiful location. The first hole looks straight at the volcano, Mount Salak. The t-box is set up on top of a cliff, and you smack the ball off a tee to the fairway down below about three to four hundred is really cool. The second shot leaves you about 150 yards or so to the green protected by a small lake on the right and bunkers to the left. I took out my new hybrid, and launched a beautiful shot right onto the green. I was hooked to that club the rest of the round. However, Dad is right, you must swing slowly and smoothly or the club misbehaves....which happened a couple of times, but overall, I loved the club. Thanks Dad.

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