Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ribs and EPL

Saturday nights are reserved for the English Premier League Soccer games. I have been transformed into a fan. In the past, I was always frustrated when turning on the TV to watch sports...hoping to see some American sports, Soccer was usually the only choice. When I went to parties, all my good friends would sit around and talk about soccer. So, this year, I asked my friend, Jurrien (the soccer king of JIS) if I could join his EPL Fantasy Soccer league. My goal was to learn something about the game, learn about the players, and try to enjoy watching it on TV since it was nearly my only choice of sports. Well, my goal has been reached. I am hooked. Every Saturday morning, I sit at my computer for a couple of hours reading all the latest gossip about soccer...who is hot who is not, who is injured, who might be playing, what teams are playing eachother, etc....then, I start buying and selling my players. It is very addictive, and alot of fun.

On Saturday nights, we try to all get together to watch the games, make fun of eachother's trades, make some side bets, cheer when our guys score, and yell out bad words when a guy that we traded scores. Last night was the first night we were ALL able to meet. Chris served ribs and beer, and that was enough to attract all of us to his place to watch the games. Don't worry, I would still rather sit and watch American football, college ball, baseball and golf....but at least now, I have another sport that is dominant in this part of the world to watch.....if you can't beat them, join them.

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