Friday, December 22, 2006

Let The Vacation Begin

Finally, we are on vacation. Jakarta and work start to get on your nerves after some time, and it is always nice to have this three week break to recharge the batteries and to get away from it all for awhile. I started my vacation with a round of golf with some good friends. We had the entire course to ourselves, and I was hitting the ball well....all makes for that perfect day.

Today, we joined four other families for a visit to the newly opened water park. Kayla had a blast, but didn't like it much when water got on her face. I need to train her better as I am hoping she will be my dive buddy when she gets older. The park was ok, but it would be a complete nightmare on the weekend...good thing we went on a week day.

I mailed a couple of packages yesterday before golf. They will not make it to the states by Christmas, so Mom, Kathleen and Pam, you will have a late Christmas present to open...that can be nice, right?

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