Monday, December 04, 2006

A Nice Surprise Today

I couldn't sleep last night as I kept thinking of the book I was reading. I got to thinking about old friends that I had lost contact with, and was wondering what they were doing now. I had a little time on my hands this morning as all three of my Pre-calc classes were taking a test. As the kids struggled on the test (I always know I have a good test when I hear several sighs throughout the morning), I surfed the net looking for old friends. Unlucky for me, most of my good friends have common names such as Mike Williams, Tom Jones, John Fielder, etc...doing a search for those guys is not easy. But, I had a good friend in Hawaii named Joe there can't be many of those around. I googled him, and BINGO....Dr. Joe Safirstein, orthodontist, popped up on my screen with a photo. It was him. I sent a message via his website, and 10 minutes later, I get an email from him.

Joe and I taught SCUBA together at the Hyatt Regency Kauai. We had many good times together, lots of laughs, and talked about our future a great deal. I saw him a couple of times after leaving Hawaii, but we went our seperate ways and eventually lost touch after many years. The last time I saw Joe was in Gainesville to watch a Gator long ago, I can't remember the year....I think 1993. Anyway, he checked out my blog and my photos on, and then we were able to ichat from MAC to MAC from my new iMAC in my classroom. We could only do text chatting.....gotta figure out how to get the video to work. Dad and I tried some time ago, and it didn't work, and it didn't work today either.

Anyway, it was really great catching up with Joe...he has a good life in Oregon with his TWO dental offices. He says he can now go to the Hyatt in Hawaii as a pampered guest instead of serving them....I guess we have made it....our dreams came true.

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