Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Putting Our Heads Together

The day started out butting heads. I arrived at school to find someone parked in my spot. We teachers value are small plot of real estate in the parking lot, and when someone trespasses onto our small plot of land, we get angry. The wrong parking spot caused a chain reaction...someone parked in spot 31, so 31 parked in my spot, so I parked in 34's spot, and 34 had to park somewhere.....and it went on and on. The damage that is done by one can cause lots of trespassing calls.

My day did get better though. Dad and I had a chat via my iMAC, and were able to put our heads together to solve my music problem for the slide show I am giving tomorrow for the closing assembly at school. I really wanted the song from the Christmas video I made a few years ago. Across the ocean to the other side of the world, in a matter of minutes (maybe seconds), Dad passed the song to me, and it is now part of my slide show. Is that amazing or what? Can you imagine doing that just 10 years ago?

In other news, JIS had it's December graduation tonight. There were three graduates. I was tasked to take photos, so I set up the nice studio lights. The Japanese mothers were over the top with happiness that I was there to get photos of the three kids and their families. It was a nice ceremony, and some very moving speeches were made by the kids giving praise to their teachers, friends and family. Ayaka spoke of her love of music and how JIS changed her life...it was really a moving speech. Once again, the kids at this school never cease to amaze me.....they are truly great kids.

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