Friday, August 18, 2006

Don't Hit The "Big Ball" First

You know how it is, the photographer is never in any of the pictures. Tika insisted she take a photo of Kayla and here you go....

I played golf today up in the puncak (mountains). It was a beautiful day, and there were seven us playing including our new Headmaster. I managed to make it through an entire round hitting the ball cleanly everytime, and not hitting the "Big Ball" first....meaning the earth. It was nice. I shot a could have been better but the greens were tough....really, I am not just trying to make excuses. I had two 4-putt greens....go figure that one out. So, make those two greens 2-putts, and there you go...a sub 90 round. Sure wish you could trade-in shots. I still think the game is stupid, and still question why I play. Must be some disease or something...with no known cure.

Dad wrote correcting me on yesterday's blog entry. Here is Dad's quote...."By the way, the midshipmen going up the greased Herdon Monument marks
the transition to upper class for the plebes. Nothing to do with
Army". So, I stand corrected. Thanks, Dad.

It is really nice knowing I still have three more days left in this weekend. Gotta love it.

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