Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lesson Plans

It was a day of writing lesson plans. I have three Pre-Calculus classes, Senior Math, and a Photography course to teach this year. I will have the three pre-calc classes on the same day, so by the time I get to the third one, my jokes will be old, and I will be sick of answering the same questions....but, that's the way it goes. Senior Math is a new one for me....it is a math course for Seniors who are not the best of math students, but need another half credit. It should be a fun course to teach, and there is no real set curriculum, so I can teach what I want at the pace I want.

The photo above is at the Ragunan Zoo. Kayla pretended to read the sign, but she sure makes it look like she knows what she is doing.....kinda like some of my students. Ha haa....

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