Saturday, August 05, 2006

New Photos Posted

I have joined up with "" to display photo galleries. It is fun, and thousands of photographers from around the world display their work at this site. I have added a link to the right so that you can view what I put up on the site. I have to add a little bit at a time so that my galleries can be seen. When I upload photos to a gallery, my gallery name appears for a short period of time on the site when people browsing can see them. Since hundreds are uploading photos, I only have a short time span in which I can receive votes. Once I receive votes, my gallery could move to the popular gallery section where it can remain for days. So, I need votes.

Not much going on today. We are going to go see a movie...maybe we will see "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" but it is up for debate. Just one more day of relaxation before heading back to work on Monday. Yuck, again.

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