Monday, August 07, 2006

More Tsunami Photos

I talked with Greg today about his summer vacation. He spent most of the summer in Hawaii on a science program for teachers. He spent some time at the Tsunami museum in Hilo. The director of the museum needs photos of the Tsunami in Aceh and also the recent tsunami that hit java about a month ago. So, Greg and I are going to take a trip there this month to take some photos, and send them off to Hawaii where they might be used on exhibit at the museum in Hawaii.

We had our first day back today, and it was good. We have 43 new teachers, and a new Headmaster. I think everyone was impressed with the new headmaster. He has a good sense of humor, plays golf, and is a leader who thinks of the well being of the kids first. I think he will do well here.

It was a day of catching up on people's vacations and meetings. I prefer the "catching up" part. It always amazes me on how many places people visit over the summer. Places ranging from the Galapagos Islands all the way to the shores of Turkey or the plains of Africa. We cover most all of the globe every summer. One of the new teachers (they all have to introduce themselves in front of the entire faculty) commented that back home in the states, people were always impressed with her vacations and adventures. When she met all of us teachers here in Jakarta, her travel stories paled in comparison, and she said her goal was to do something that would impress us teachers here, but it would be tough. That's exactly how it feels when talking to everyone about their summer vacations....

Ok, gotta get Kayla to bed....more tomorrow.

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