Saturday, August 12, 2006

The "Mandi"

One of Kayla's favorite past times these days is taking a bath (a "mandi" in Indonesian). She doesn't want to get out.

The first week of school is behind me, and we all celebrated last night at a "welcome back" party at one of the teacher's house last night. It was fun, and they had great food.

Today, we had a minor electric problem in the house. Right when I had just finished a long email, one of our pembantus (house helper) plugged in the vacuum cleaner into an outlet in my office...which blew a fuse in my voltage regulator box. Of course, I lost all the work I had done on the we rushed to the store to get a new fuse. Something simple like that took over two hours. Later today, there is a ceremony in the school theatre to honor Rob Weber's life. We will go to that.

It was nice to see both my sisters commenting on my photos at Kathleen had even showed off my photos to her office. Thanks.

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