Thursday, August 10, 2006

School Starts

School was buzzing today with action. The dragon fountain in the background is the one that CSC had built two years ago.

Another shot of our nice campus.

This is the acapella group from Harvard that sang for us today. They were VERY impressed with our school.

I signed onto my homepage at, and noticed some comments from Bart and Jimmy Everett, and Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy. That was a nice surprise. Dad had written a comment earlier too. My underwater photos have made the first page of popular galleries...that is cool. I need to get started on my other galleries as well. It is very time consuming though.

School went well today. The opening assembly went like clockwork, and the CSC received very positive comments about the job they did. I have some great kids in my classes this year....lots of personality. It should be a great year.

Oh, I heard today from some students that Jakarta now has a Krispy Kream Donut place in town. You can rest assured I will be making a visit this weekend.

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