Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My Model Does it Again

After dinner tonight, I told Tika and Kayla that I didn't have a photo for the blog today. Kayla immediately grabbed Mickey Mouse, and started posing. How can Daddy resist that? So, I have included another triage of photos of my favorite model.

Tomorrow it all begins again. We have over 1030 students in the high school this year. We are back up to big numbers...numbers we had before the riots of 1998. Most of my classes are of 18 students...not too bad. I am the sponsor for the Central Student Counsel (CSC), and we are in charge of the opening assembly tomorrow morning. The kids made a video before school let out in June with them dressed like the characters from the movie "The X-Men"...being the bald guy that I am, they have me staring as that bald character in the movie that sits in a wheel chair (forgot his name). There is also an acapela group from Harvard (called the "Din and Tonics") performing at the assembly. We got lucky with that one. The group just happened to be on a world tour, and will be in Jakarta tomorrow. So our choir guy (an amazing guy) asked them if they could sing for our school...and they accepted. That should be good.

I will try to get some pictures of our first day at school, and use one of those on the blog tomorrow. See ya.

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