Thursday, August 17, 2006

Indonesia Independence Day

I wanted to get out today to get a good shot of Independence Day. Most of the villages have games that they play all day. A popular game that is played is called "Panjat Pinang" where they grease up a large pole with some prizes as the top. Large groups of guys climb on top of eachother to reach the top....I guess similar to what is done at the Naval Academy before the Army/Navy game. I wanted a photo of that, but I couldn't find it being played will have to wait till next year. I got lucky though, and ran into a small parade in one of the small villages near our house, and snapped the shot above. I like the photo, and think it is a good representation of the day.

I am off to play some golf tomorrow at one of my favorite courses, Genung Gelis. It is not an easy course, but it is really beautiful, and it is carved out of the mountains. Wish me luck.

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