Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fantasy Soccer League

For the past few years I have endured going to parties where all my friends end up talking about particular the English Premier League. They all meet for BBQ's on the weekends to watch the games, and write emails back n' forth about players, goals scored, etc. When you turn on the TV to watch sports in this country, the only thing playing is soccer, soccer, soccer.

So this year, instead of fighting it, I joined. Yes, I joined into the fantasy soccer run by Yahoo Sports. I have to pick every week 11 players in the English Premier League to be my team (Kayla's Gators), and will compete with all my friends. So, tonight was the first night of the EPL season, and I joined in with 8 other guys to watch the opening games. I know a few of the players from the World Cup, but I don't know much. It is more the social thing than sitting down to watch the game, but I must admit, it is pretty fun, and I found myself routing for certain guys (my team) to score. My competitive nature will no doubt lead to spending countless hours on the computer studying the different players in the league so that I can stay in contention every week. We will see.

Today was a "fat pig" day for me. I ate pizza for lunch, and then stuffed three donuts down afterwards. I then sat at the computer for a few hours updating some of my galleries, and Tika came in with a root beer float. The only consolation is that I did run...I maybe burned away one slice of pizza. It is diet day tomorrow.....yea, right. By the way, I started an Africa photo gallery if you want to check it out. The photos are two summers old, but they are still some of my favorites.

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